The FC602 USB OABR Stick represents a compact hardware interface connecting MS-Windows and Linux based PCs with automotive Ethernet network devices and switches. Automotive Ethernet network standards OABR (OPEN Alliance BroadR-Reach) and 100Base-T1 are supported.

The FC602 USB OABR Stick functions as seamless media converter between a standard USB 2.0 interface and an automotive Ethernet network. On Windows and Linux host PCs the USB OABR Stick is detected as standard Ethernet device.

Flexible software APIs feature full access to TJA1101 internal registers. This enables cable-testing and network diagnosis.

The design of the FC602 USB OABR Stick contains two main components. The NXP LPC4333 microcontroller features an USB 2.0 device interface for connectivity to a MS-Windows or Linux host platform. A NXP TJA1101 BroadR-Reach PHY is realizing the physical interface to an OABR network. The LPC4333 microcontroller and the TJA1101 PHY are connected via RMII, SMI and GPIO interface signals.

The firmware of the LPC4333 is implementing standard USB Control and CDC/ECM class profiles allowing access to the automotive Ethernet network data through USB Control and CDC class drivers on MS-Windows and Linux host platforms.



  • NXP TJA1101 BroadR-Reach PHY
  • OABR/BroadR-Reach/100Base-T1 physical interface with UTP connector
  • NXP LPC4333 32-bit ARM Cortex-M4/M0 microcontroller
  • High-Speed USB 2.0 device interface with Type-A connector
  • Automotive Ethernet Network Master/Slave configuration via hardware switch


  • MS-Windows and Linux compatible
  • Standard Ethernet Network device on host PC
  • USB CDC/ECM driver for MS-Windows
  • Powerful and flexible API for TJA1101 SMI access
  • Common C-API and Python wrapper
  • Python abstraction class for TJA1101 MDIO register
  • Python and C++ sample applications
  • USB powered
  • Compact and modular design


The USB interface of the FC602 USB OABR Stick allows seamless connection to a broad variety of PCs, notebooks and embedded platforms. The USB Control and CDC/ECM profiles enable the usage of USB hosts running MS-Windows as well as Linux operating systems. This enables the USB OABR Stick for the following use cases:

  • Standard Ethernet network device supporting OABR/BroadR-Reach/100Base-T1 pyhsical interface
  • MS-Windows PC used as protocol analyzer for automotive Ethernet networks
  • Point-to-Point automotive Ethernet 100Base-T1 network connection using two USB OABR Sticks
  • Evaluation of NXP TJA1101 BroadR-Reach PHY chip with full access to SMI registers
  • Automotive Ethernet network simulation and demonstration


  • MS-Windows 10 or Linux host platform (e.g. PC, Laptop, Raspberry Pi)
  • USB 2.0 host port

Technical Data

Dimensions: 68 x 20 x 15 mm
Power Supply: 5 V (USB powered)
Operating Temperature: 0°C to +85°C
USB Connector: USB 2.0 Type-A
OABR/BroadR-Reach/100Base-T1 Connector: Phoenix Contact PTSM connector

Download Section

Product Flyer: PF_FC602_USB_OABR_Stick_­V_01_01_00.pdf
Short Technical Description: TD_FC602_USB_OABR_Stick_­V_01_01_00.pdf
User Manual: UM_FC602_USB_OABR_Stick_­V_01_01_00.pdf

Windows Firmware Package: WFP_FC602_USB_OABR_Stick_­V_02_02_01.zip
Broadway2 Windows Software Package: WSP_Broadway_­V_02_02_04.zip
Broadway2 Linux Software Package: LSP_Broadway_­V_02_02_04.zip

    Broadway2 - Common Windows and Linux software package for FibreCode USB Stick and Adapters

Ordering Information

Order Number: FC602
Product Name: USB OABR Stick
Deliverables: USB OABR Stick incl. 2 m Automotive UTP Ethernet Cable and black sub-shell
(excl. tax & shipping cost):
Quantity: 1 .. 9 -> 249 € per part
Quantity: 10 .. 24 -> 239 € per part
Quantity: 25 .. 49 -> 229 € per part
Quantity: 50+ -> Request a quote

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