By default the FC602 USB OABR Sticks are delivered with an open housing consisting of a black sub-shell. The top side of the USB OABR Stick is visible and unprotected. For standard applications where the USB OABR Sticks are operated on the desk this is not an issue. In case the USB OABR Sticks are used in a rough environment the FC900602 Closed Housing can be used to protect the FC602 USB OABR Sticks.


  • Closed housing for FC602 USB OABR Stick
  • Replacement for standard sub-shell
  • Opening for seamless cable connection
  • Including light pipe for LED
  • 3D-printed

Technical Data

Dimensions: 55 x 20 x 11 mm
Temperature range: -40°C to +50°C
Weight: 20 g
Filament: PETG
Color: Black

Ordering Information

Order Number: FC900602
Product Name: Closed Housing for FC602
Deliverables: 3D-printed black top and bottom shell including screws
(excl. tax & shipping cost):
Quantity: 1 .. 9 -> 25,00 € per part
Quantity: 10 .. 24 -> 22,00 € per part
Quantity: 25 .. 49 -> 19,00 € per part
Quantity: 50+ -> Request a quote

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Order Number: FC602
Product Name: USB OABR Stick
Deliverables: USB OABR Stick incl. 2 m Automotive UTP Ethernet Cable and black sub-shell

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